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Everywhere you look today, 3D technology is starting to radically change the way everyday products are designed and manufactured. The innovative new bespoke jewellery design system at Truscott Jewellers bring 3D technology to the traditional art of jewellery making. Part futuristic movie, part cool video game, the computer-aided method of making jewellery is becoming the hottest trend in bespoke jewellery.

Truscott Jewellers offers customers the opportunity to sit down with our designer and create their own bespoke jewellery in our store in Gloucester.  This system allows you to view the jewellery in a 3D version, see it as a CAD (computer aided design) image and watch whilst it transforms into a photographic quality image. The system allows customers to design wedding rings, engagement rings, pendants and other items of bespoke jewellery to an exact requirement and budget.

Once we have designed and created the item of jewellery to your specification using our 3D CAD system we can then make this item for you.

Bespoke Jewellery – Not As Expensive As You Might Think?

The 3D system allows customers to design amazing pieces of bespoke jewellery simply and see them before they are created, giving you the security that you are going to love the finished result.  The jewellery created is always that little bit more special because it is unique and has been designed specifically for the customer.

Whilst many customers presume this is an expensive service, we can guarantee you will be surprised at how affordable it is. The design element is free of charge so you are only paying for the item of jewellery at the standard retail price. For more information about our 3D design service please call us to arrange a consultation.

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