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Jewellery valuations are vital to protecting you as they give you accurate replacement values and importantly, lasting proof of ownership.  Nearly 25% people have their jewellery items under insured. This means that nearly a quarter of all people may find their insurance claims unsupported by their insurance company in the event of a claim.  As jewellery valuation specialists we have discovered that many people are unaware of the true value of their belongings, and having them professionally valued by an expert is the only way to be sure you are adequately insured.

Truscott Jewellers offer a comprehensive jewellery valuation service, essential for insurance purposes. Each item will be fully cleaned and polished and prepared for the valuation, then vital information about your item will be recorded and photographed, including gemstone types and sizes, metal types and workmanship.

Backed by The Guild of Valuers and Jewellers, your report is automatically backed up to a central database, giving you peace of mind should the worst happen and you are given a hard copy presentation of your report.

Prices are dependant on contents value and start at £49.95. Please contact us if you wish to discuss valuations further.

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